What We Do

Athletic Floor Installation and Repairs

Whether you are looking for a floor that will meet professional standards or would prefer a more economical alternative, we can help you through the entire process from consultation to installation and finishing.

If you are looking for a custom sports floor installation, or a sports floor installation in a private residence - we can do that too. Simply contact us to discuss your specific needs.

When your gym floors sustain damage from moisture intrusion, roof leaks, or otherwise, we will be ready to fix them quickly - minimizing your gym's downtime so you can put them back into service as soon as possible.


Gym Floor Refinishing and Artwork Design

As gym floors age, the wood darkens, and lines and artwork fade or become outdated.

A complete sanding, refinishing, and relining of your wood floor will brighten up and refresh your gym. We can assist you and planning and designing a new court layout that will reflect the unique spirit of your school or organization, and conform to all necessary NJSIAA / NCAA / NBA regulations.

Gym Floor Recoating

Schools, universities, professional organizations, and health clubs in New Jersey, New York, and Philadelphia trust Classic Sport Floors to perform annual cleaning and recoating maintenance on their athletic floors. 

We recommend having your wood gym floors recoated annually to maintain the floor's appearance, protection, and a safe playing surface.